Primary Schools in Drunen - Vught - 's-Hertogenbosch


Unique  European Solidarity Corps opportunity in The Netherlands 's-Hertogenbosch-Drunen-Vught) as of September 2021 for 12 months. Applicable  for youngsters of European Union countries.


Assisting teacher in English, nature, sports and culture at a primary school in the Netherlands.


Project Description

The ESC volunteers will assist in teaching English, nature, sports and/or culture for extra hands such as reading and activities for small groups.

Depending on the interests and talents of the volunteer, he/she can help the professional with cultural activities, for example music, dance, acting, craftsmanship or physical education. During the summer holidays, the ESC volunteer will organise with other volunteers activities such as workshops.


E.G. Primary School De Bosbessen

De Bosbessen Primary School is a school for children of 4-12 years old. It has a new approach towards primary school teaching. The education takes place mainly in nature and outside the school. This means it is education through experience and projects. For example, they go to a shop to learn how to calculate. Another example is that they go to a farm without a roof and are teached about how to build the roof and how a life with animals is like, and entrepreneurship in general. On their way to the farm they see a pedicure, where they get a guided tour as well, so the children really get educated in real life, within society. An example of a different approach is that a child has to learn how to write first and then learn how to read. This could reduce the number of dyslectic children with consequently great problems at school. Moreover, parents are very much involved into school; they educate the children 4 days for 2 hours, coached by a teacher. The child is going to learn where its interests are.

Evaluation and selfreflection of the children are very important. Challenges are offered to the children, so that they are actively involved in their own learning process and thus also directed towards their own development.

There are huge opportunities within the school for the right volunteer. The volunteer will assist the experienced teacher in the cultural activities, such as nature projects, craftsmanship, painting or making art from waste plastics. Furthermore, the volunteer will assist the teacher in teaching English. This will take place in nature or other places outside of the school. Moreover, the volunteer can set up projects for sustainability. Depending on the interest and talents of the volunteer, he/she can help the professional with cultural activities, for example music, dance, act or physical education. Furthermore, you will work at Calvin (Wereldwijs) education for highly gifted to teach them English.


Requirement: teaching experience - primary school children.


Accommodation ('s-Hertogenbosch), food, pocket money and transport will be arranged by European Solidarity Corps

Transport: you will get access to a bike

Dutch lessons are provided for 3 month


Volunteer profile

Open-minded, social, energetic and creative youngsters who have affinity with children and are interested in music, acting, dance, nature, craftmanship and sustainability. Furthermore, he or she likes to organize and plan events and teach children.

Duration project: as of September 2021 for 12 months

Please contact: Hilda Spoor-Spelt or by telephone: + 31 6 1995 2886